Elevate Hiring through Digital Referral Excellence

The use of "Online Referrals" extends the concept of employee referrals for recruitment to an online platform.

Automated Tracking

The system automates the tracking of online referrals, from submission to application status and recruitment progress.

Digital Referral Submission

ERP facilitates the online submission of candidate referrals by employees, streamlining the process and eliminating paperwork.

Enhanced Accessibility

Employees can easily submit referrals from anywhere, making the process more convenient and accessible.

Efficient Communication

Online referrals enable real-time communication between employees and recruiters, enhancing transparency.

Referral Analytics

The system offers insights into the effectiveness of online referrals as a recruitment source, aiding in refining strategies.

Referral Portal

ERP provides a dedicated online portal for employees to submit referrals, view referral history, and receive updates

Employee Engagement

The online referral platform encourages active employee participation, boosting engagement and collaboration.

Data Accuracy

Reduce the chances of errors and miscommunication compared to manual processes.

Streamlined Evaluation

Online referrals make it easier for recruiters to evaluate candidate profiles, enhancing the efficiency of the selection process.

Referral Incentives

ERP manages referral incentives and rewards, automating the process and ensuring timely payouts.


ERP's referral system accommodates a larger volume of referrals, suitable for growing organizations.

Time Savings

Automated can save time for both employees and recruiters, accelerating the recruitment cycle.


The system maintains a digital record of online referrals, simplifying record-keeping and compliance.

Integration with Recruitment

Seamlessly integrate with the broader recruitment process, from initial application to hiring decisions.

User-friendly Interface

Platform offers an intuitive user interface, making it easy for employees to submit referrals.

Immediate Notifications

ERP sends automated notifications to employees when their referred candidates progress through recruitment stages.


Promote collaboration among employees as they share potential candidates from their networks.