Streamline Work Efficiency with Online TimeSheet Management

The "Online TimeSheet" module in ERP serves as a tool for employees to record their working hours, tasks, and activities. It aids in accurate time tracking for various purposes, such as payroll processing, project billing, task allocation, and performance evaluation. This module streamlines time reporting, ensures transparency, and facilitates efficient management of work hours and tasks within the organization.

Task and Project Allocation

Assign hours to specific tasks or projects for accurate project costing.

Accurate Time Tracking

Record working hours and activities to ensure precise time accounting.

Project Billing

Generate invoices based on tracked hours for client billing.

Payroll Processing

Utilize time sheet data for accurate salary calculations and payroll processing.

Task Performance

Evaluate individual and team performance by reviewing time allocation and task completion.

Resource Allocation

Optimize resource allocation by tracking time spent on different tasks.

Workflow Transparency

Enhance transparency by enabling employees and managers to view time records.


Ensure adherence to labor regulations by accurately tracking working hours.

Project Progress

Track the time spent on each task to gauge project progress and adjust timelines.

Overtime Tracking

Monitor and manage overtime hours for proper compensation and workload management.

Leave Management

Record time-off requests and leaves for accurate attendance management.

Efficiency Analysis

Analyze time allocation to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Client Reporting

Provide clients with detailed reports on time spent on their projects.

Performance Metrics

Utilize time data for performance evaluations and goal setting.

Budget Monitoring

Monitor project budgets by comparing actual hours to allocated hours.

Task Prioritization

Allocate time based on task priorities to optimize productivity.

Real-time Updates

Enable employees to update time records in real-time for accurate tracking.

Integration with Payroll

Integrate time sheet data with payroll systems for seamless processing.

Task Billing

Bill clients based on hours worked on specific tasks or project components.